"She's not only about hyper realism, she's about the feeling you experience, the emotion, when looking into her painted world."

On the 3rd of March in in 1963, I was born in Schoten, Belgium. I began painting at the age of 12 and became a professional painter at the age of 17. After completing 2 years at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, I moved to Germany where I had several exhibitions. After that my art has evolved in time from romantic portraits to a more playful approach with new painting techniques and experiments with inverted colors. Back in Belgium, many years followed with commissioned work including numerous reproductions. This day and age powerful messages with a female touch is how you recognize my work. When I can implement the story of my models in the art pieces, that’s when I’m most in my element. To share these diverse, strong stories are my main drive to create. My work can be characterized as realism. I also have a feel of an ethereal atmosphere that exudes dramatic beauty and glamour.