The Tides

OIL ON CANVAS, 180 x 220 cm, 2024


The Duality of Life

In Christiane Vleugels’ newest painting titled “The Tides,” she skillfully captures the delicate balance between chaos and tranquility. This painting is a glimpse into the mesmerising interplay of these opposing forces. Christiane explains deeper: “In this artwork it was essential for me to create a strong image about duality. One cannot have a positive without a negative, darkness without a light.

For the most part we create our own reality, and so we must be responsible and take action to turn the tide. We are powerful creators, and there are no limits to what we can realize if we trust in ourselves.”

Craving Order
On the left side of the canvas, two graceful Sirens are depicted diligently tending to a water garden, their movements imbued with purpose and determination. Amidst the flurry of activity, they work tirelessly to clear away clutter, symbolizing the human endeavor to create order amidst chaos.
Finding Balance
In contrast, the right side of the painting reveals a scene of serene tranquility beneath the waves. Crystal-clear waters shimmer softly, while aquatic life drifts lazily by, undisturbed by the hustle and bustle above. Here, amidst the peaceful depths, the ebb and flow of life unfold in perfect harmony.
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Harmony's Dance

Life's Ebb and Flow

Through her artistry, Vleugels invites viewers to reflect on the nature of our existence, where moments of chaos give way to periods of calm, and vice versa. “The Tides” serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty found in balance, urging observers to embrace both the tumultuous currents and the tranquil depths of life’s journey.

Oil on Canvas, 180 x 220 cm, 2024