The Hatching

Oil on canvas, 140 x 180 cm, 2021

The meaning behind

The Hatching

Within this mesmerizing canvas, Christiane Vleugels captures a moment suspended in time—a delicate balance between enchantment and metamorphosis.

At its heart lies a shimmering cocoon, radiant and enigmatic, holding secrets within its luminous shell. The focal point, a young woman, gazes upon this gleaming chrysalis with a curiosity that ignites wonder.

The Enchanting Reflection

A chrysalis is a butterfly in a stage of transformation. It cannot move and cannot defend itself, so they often rely on the appearance of its cocoon to protect itself from predators. 
Therefore, the surface is shiny to scare predators who see their own reflection and are not smart enough to know they are looking at themselves. The shiny cocoon also reflects nearby plants, making it very hard to see. 
In ‘The Hatching,’ Christiane presents us with another meaning to that reflection. As the girl gazes upon the shiny cocoon, she sees her own reflection and is enchanted by it, which is reminiscent of another legendary work about Narcissism.

Growth, Change, and Freedom

In this case, however, a simpatico exists between the woman and chrysalis, an unspoken but visually represented message that one gets back the beauty they invest. Like the encased and transforming butterfly pupa, the woman appears to be emerging from her own limitations and transforming as an individual. 
This work has a strong, non-conventional, feminist voice about what it means to grow, change, fly and be free.
Oil on canvas, 180 x 140 cm, 2021