Oil on canvas, 170 x 280 cm, 2023


The Interplay of Dreams and Reality

We dream to solidify our memories, to analyze and categorize what we experience during the day: no restrictions and total freedom from life’s limitations. But our constraints will always become apparent at the break of dawn, a wake-up call demanding us to face the hardships of our lives and the world. Do we let it paralyze us, or do we dream even bigger?

In the theater of dreams, a grandeur unfolds,
Where identity shifts, and aspirations behold.
Though awakening may whisper its lingering schemes,
Let not its echoes stifle your dreams.

Dreamers in Slumber
The painting captures two beautiful sleepers enveloped in the protective warmth of casting sunlight. They symbolize the freedom and lack of restrictions found in dreams, a stark contrast to the limitations of waking life. These figures represent our capacity to dream without boundaries, embracing the creative powers of the subconscious mind.
The Harbinger of Reality
In the center, a figure is strategically positioned, half in shadow and half reflecting the incoming light. This duality represents the Ying and Yang of our reality, embodying the transition from the dream world to the waking state. She stands as a metaphor for the inevitable wake-up call, marking the end of tranquility and the start of a new day filled with life's challenges.
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Masterpiece by Christiane Vleugels
Oil on canvas, 170 x 280 cm, 2023