Oil on canvas, 170 x 280 cm, 2023

Oil on canvas, 170 x 280 cm, 2023

The Masterpiece Project

Albrecht von Stetten, from a noble background in Southern Germany, initially set aside his artistic aspirations to oversee the family’s vast agricultural enterprise. After divesting much of the business in 2013, he rediscovered his passion for art, and started to curate an exceptional collection.

Albrecht von Stetten’s journey took another significant turn when he crossed paths with the enchanting magical realist artist Christiane Vleugels.

Shooting for the Stars

Witnessing her struggle to bring her mesmerizing visions to the world, Albrecht was deeply moved.

This profound connection further fueled the evolution of the IBEX Masters model, now passionately dedicated to uplifting exceptional magical realist artists like Christiane Vleugels.

faith, hope & love

The Divine Triad

The triptych Faith, Hope, and Love were born of the musings of our world’s state. Optimism lunges from what appears to be a cautious invitation to believe. All the women in Christiane’s work are aware of their souls and firmly connected with life.

A Drop in the Ocean
Faith, as portrayed here, is dressed in blue, the color of the skies and the seas. The choice of blue is deliberate, echoing notions of tranquility, trust, and the infinite expanse, suggesting an intertwining of her essence with the universe's expansiveness.
Secrets of the Hydrangea
Depth and wisdom, authority and loyalty, truth and faith — most of us will know its connotations. Yet, the headdress of the hydrangea adds complexity to this panel: While symbolizing heartfelt and deep, honest emotions such as love, devotion, and gratitude, this exotic flower also represents fickleness and change of heart.
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The Dove's Embrace
The dove, a timeless symbol of peace and unity, takes on a profound role within Christiane's intricate triptych. This ethereal bird serves as a unifying force, delicately weaving threads of serenity and hope throughout the artwork. Its presence resonates as a beacon, inviting contemplation on harmony and offering a guiding light towards inner tranquility.
The Essence of Hope
The second panel of the triptych features a woman dressed in black, often the color of what our society considers the antithesis of the word. Yet within this canvas, it gets redefined by Christiane. In this part of the story, the artist focuses on wisdom and freedom rather than outer guidance and conformity. This ‘hope is vested in me’ attitude is underlined by the symbolic mantle of wool from the Alpine Alpaca.
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Crimson Red
The final and third painting of the tryptic, Faith, Hope, and Love, shows a woman whose sense of being valued is present and visually dynamic. She is adorned and holds her hands crossed atop her heart in ecstasy. Dressed in crimson, she glows against a muted backdrop of neutral plant life and a slated sky.
Love's Eternal Flight
The cranes in the background convey eternal love and good fortune. Using various symbols of love and passion throughout this painting, Christiane Vleugels states that even when life is complicated and challenging from time to time, love for each other is the ultimate solution for everything.
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