Oil on canvas, 190 x 160 cm, 2022


The Power of Absolution

We often regret certain choices in life, decisions, and actions that were taken and can not be undone. Sometimes these regrets follow us throughout the years and are often hard, perhaps impossible, to shake loose.
That is why, according to Christiane, it is essential to forgive ourselves from time to time because there is little use in dragging around guilt when often this burden is laid upon our shoulders because of ourselves.
Looking in the Mirror
The canvas mirrors the model's act of self-forgiveness, inviting us to reflect on our own journey. As she gazes within, absolving herself, the painting becomes a shared space for self-reflection and liberation from regrets.
Silent Petals
White Tulips symbolize forgiveness, purity, honor, and holiness, while water is a life force and a symbol of self-reflection.
Sacred Symbolism
Absolution finds its roots in Christianity, where the Priest wipes our slates clean by using holy water. The religious aspect is only a symbol: Absolution is more about self-forgiveness and female empowerment: the model uses holy water to wash away her sins.
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